CJ 393 Week 3

After doing all the reading material and videos, I still have maintained the opinion I have had before. My belief is that social media is a wonderful outlet for all forms of people. It is a digital way to portray who you are as a person, and it can help a business thrive into the future changes of society. There is, though, a moderation to this. Depending on the business, they must realize what their audience is, and maintain their loyalty to them. After all, they are the reason they are still in business. While maintaining that loyalty, they can then make small decisions to try and reel in new viewers or customers. It’s all about the company and situation; almost as if it’s complex chess game of society and marketing.

What I found interesting was the article that explained how businesses are heading towards the media realm to try and use slang and appeal to the younger demographic. This had never crossed my mind, but I get annoyed if I see the Huffington Post making an immature video on “How to make a Donald Trump/Bernie Sanders” (look it up if you’d like, it’s obsurd). The problem with them is that they are a news organization using the trend of Buzzfeed to bring in views and shares. That’s not right, especially when I see a company using “on fleek” or “turnt”. Know what you’re company is. If it’s a news organizations (Huffington Post), how is anyone going to respect hard-hitting, factual articles when you post a childish video for likes on Facebook? Like I mentioned earlier, moderation. 

I found Peter Shankman’s view on social media a little ridiculous. Watching what someone says on their personal Twitter or Instagram should not matter about the business. Of course, this comes to the extent of the posts. If they involve illegal activity or anything that bashes the company, then yes. What I don’t agree with is censorship. My social media is mine, and though I do not post controversial things, I shouldn’t have to worry about that.

I really enjoyed Gary’s interview the most out of all the content this week. He undertsands younger people coming into the “adult world”. He knows there will be childish posts, but he will analyze all aspects of your social profiles. It’s great to see people like him, because he is the change we need.

The problem with our world and the rapid growth in social media is that people are wanting to remain idle while things are changing. People are scared of change, and that’s bad. The fact is- everyone is afraid of change; it’s a normal human emotion. But what people, and businesses, must realize is that you must change to stay relevant. The world is moving quick, and people must be ready to adapt so you don’t fade away. Many businesses have faced this, for example radio stations. Citizens aren’t listening to radio anymore, they have media players and streaming apps. Clear Channel realized this, and thus changed their name to iHeartMedia, made a radio streaming app, and brought the biggest music concerts of the year. They are a radio company that saw that there was change and followed the stream.

This all depends on the business, of course. A media manager and their employees must make the decision of what they could do for their company to maintain relevance. They can use the tools they have, after all- they’re there for a reason.

And lastly, they must come to terms with the fact that not every consumer will be pleased with what comes about their changes or approaches. “You can’t please everyone” Some businesses will fail, and some will succeed, but they have to adapt. They have to use these tools because as of right now, everyone’s on them. Social media is a great tool when used correctly.



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