CJ 393- Week 4

This week, we looked at Charity:Water. Furthermore, we saw articles on storytelling and video engagement.  Ethos, Pathos, and Logos is what helps a story, and I believe pathos is the most successful. Getting people wrapped up in an emotion can be incredibly successful for revenue and, even better, a social change.

The “readings” this week were incredibly insightful. It showed that storytelling is an excellent marketing ploy, and that there are different techniques to achieve positive reaction from storytelling. I feel like storytelling with companies is best used when its warm, and humble. Just like The Rise of VICE (And What Marketers Can Learn From It), Vice’s engaging videos gain traction because of their connection with their readers, as if it is a community.

The videos with Ira Glass were my favorite, mainly because Glass is a personal favorite of mine (This American Life is my life). He explained that they look for stories, and sometimes they are not in the least bit entertaining. It is up to the storyteller to make it entertaining. This American Life can turn a story about General Motors into an engaging piece on management- a topic I never thought I would find interesting!

Video storytelling is even better, in my opinion. I am a visual and verbal learner, so that means I really enjoy having others speak to me as well as seeing something be done to learn. Videos, Movies, etc. have always been a great way to reach out to an audience- this is why they turn books into movies- visuals. On top of that, people have been more focused on their time and it being wasted on reading. Just like Mark Ragan said, “People’s attention spans are extremely short, and they’re getting shorter…It’s more likely someone’s going to sit through a three-minute video than it is that they’ll sit down and read a couple pages”. This is entirely true. I mean, think about Vine; six-second videos for entertainment. Though Vine lost it spark, the attention spans did not.

I mentioned earlier about social change. I believe that’s what Rachel’s parents did when creating Charity:Water even after Rachel had past. I completely find their strategy with the video ethical. The parents lost their little girl, and she was selfless and full of love. They honored her by continuing with her birthday wish. It is very sad that Rachel lost her life at a young age, but because of Charity:Water, her love carries on and saves lives in Africa. The way I see it is that the parents took something horrible and turned it into a blessing. And it was successful! Think about Beyonce, her husband Jay-Z had an affair and she took that into turning it into Lemonade, an album that made millions (when life hands you lemons..).

There are people who can disagree with me, and that is fine. But just like Ira Glass said, people want to make videos and stories because they have taste. They love to do it and create it for others. Rachel’s parent’s took something horrible and turned it successful. They made the audience a hero by offering them to help with the cause. It is successful because of the inspiring story behind it; they just shared their story.



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