Facebook is more complex than you think

Facebook is the number one source of social media today. Whether or not people use it, they know it exists. They know how it is used and who of their friends use it. Businesses saw this as an opportunity to sell their brand for free.

People began seeing Facebook as a giant commercial, instead of a way to connect with others.On top of that, businesses were also creating boring content that they didn’t want to see. Facebook saw this as clutter, and has now removed businesses from posting as much. They can pay Facebook money to have their product shown, but it can cost thousands. Is this a good thing? In most cases yes, it definitely filters out the things you see on Facebook. Businesses don’t have to pay, and still get a substantial reach, though.It’s all about creating content that people want to see.

I feel like there is a certain platform you need to set up when bringing a brand to the social media world. You can’t just follow a list of tips and be good to go- it’s all about knowing your brand and your audience.

Take a company like a journalistic platform- The Huffington Post. People see this as a valid source for news. Now think of their opposite- Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed is a wide variety of topics that aren’t always right, and are pumped out quickly for quick shares and retweets.

Huffington Post decided to make a video like Buzzfeed called How to make a Trump at home. When I saw this on Facebook, I was disgusted. This was not what I want to see out of a news organization. They knew making a video like this would gain more shares and reach, so they made it. When I looked at the comments, I noticed that people felt the same way. That, is what I call using marketing poorly and not recognizing your audience.

Take the opposite end, Taco Bell. This is a fast food restaurant- not a whole lot of prestige. They post comedic GIFS and witty responses to those who contact them, and it’s fun. No one will be as inclined to be mad about that because their audience is not as serious.

There is also the factor of over-posting. If a Facebook user sees nothing but the same page posting, they are going to unlike that page. The goal is to provide content that is not redundant and good quality.

It’s a bit of psychology when posting social media. A social media professional must see their brand and imagine the outcome of a post they make. Once they determine audience and limits, they can still have fun with photos and memes. Moderation is the best form of advice for those who are wanting to use Facebook or any other platform. Creating a loyalty by the content created will bring forth more clients, as well as keeping the old ones!

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