IPSY takes to Snapchat

If I am ever certain about anything, it is that I love Snapchat. That app is so close to it’s followers; I get to pick whose stories I see and who can see mine. Stories disappear after 24 hours, too! It’s fun, temporary, and intimate.

Because of how I use my Snapchat, I don’t follow a lot of big brands. I appreciate them, but personally don’t want them on my Snapchat. That doesn’t mean I don’t follow a few brands I enjoy.

My favorite company on Snapchat is Ipsy. Ipsy is a monthly makeup service where they send you a designed bag with 5 makeup products inside. Three years ago, I got Ipsy when it had first began. I have been a follower ever since! I love this company so I follow them on all forms of social media.

Ipsy’s Snapchat is really fun. They have constant makeup launches and makeup artist takeovers. They even show sneak peaks of the new bag of the month before other social media shows it! I really enjoy that.

One thing that I wish they would improve on is their over-posting. It’s a bit annoying that they take a lot of videos that are just people rambling or dancing. They also do a lot of the same photos. A long Snapchat story is not enticing to me; it’s redundant and skip-able. Sometimes I won’t even look at their story because I know I will be there for awhile.

I think if they cut back on the posts, it would be an amazing marketing opportunity. They have the cool areas, makeup, and people. All they have to do is not bombard their stories with long snaps. Snapchat was not made to keep people there for a long time- it’s quick. As long as businesses remember that, they are set to keep followers and gain more as well.

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