My week in photos

The next five photos will show what my week consists of. It’s very random, interesting, and busy!


The first photo is from last Sunday, where I went to work at a Food Bank for the radio station Jam’n 94.7 in Santa Fe.14799826_10206551233574018_1480704191_o.jpg

The next shot if a photo of a documentary I finished this week for one of my classes! It is a screen shot because I didn’t have a photo, so hopefully this will suffice!


The next one was for my other job, where I worked with two Lobo basketball players in making a cool Snapchat story! It was hilarious and fun to do.14813082_10206551198453140_400850720_o.jpg

This was the day where I came home and found out that my plant had harvested its first red pepper!


The last photo is a selfie (You shouldn’t be surprised). I went to the PINK bus on campus, where Victoria’s Secret sells products from a bright pink bus! I got this purple sweater and wanted to show it off.


My photos are completely unrelated from one another, and that’s basically how my life is every week. I am constantly running around and doing something different, while appreciating little blessings here and there. Remember to make every week different than the last!


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