Twitter- the superhero of social media

  • If you’re on Twitter, tell me what you like and dislike about Twitter?

I love Twitter because you have the ability to “over-post” without being too much. It’s instantaneous and up-to-date. What I don’t like about it is the amount of ads on Twitter. Sometimes, that is all I see. I still like knowing what people I know personally what they are doing.

  • If you use Twitter, look at how you use it. Are you interested in talking to others online? On promoting yourself? Do you use Twitter to monitor breaking news events?

I use Twitter for all of these reasons. It’s weird, but it depends on the day. I use it to connect with others, find out what is going on in news, and promoting myself in a subtle way.

  • Do you think Twitter would work as a “news broadcasting” network, much like the way many reporters and news outlets, including CNN, the AP, Albuquerque Journal, etc. use it?

I think Twitter is the best source for news broadcasting. Because of the timelines, just like news, Twitter can be used to keep people informed and up-to-date on an event or breaking news story.

  • If you don’t use Twitter, has this week’s readings influenced your opinion? Are you thinking about using it more? Why or why not?

These articles have enhanced my view on Twitter in a more positive way. Twitter is one of my favorite social media tools because of being in the moment. I really enjoy that, I just wish Twitter would have not implemented an algorithm because keeping the feed based on time makes it way more authentic.

David Carr was insightful with his words in his “Twitter will Endure” article. I never thought that Twitter will be the social media site that will last the longest… But based on how things are going with Facebook, it is starting to become more likely. Just like he said, as long as you can get over the overwhelming aspect, it’s an amazing site to gain new knowledge and brand oneself.


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