Strategy? What Strategy?

This week’s readings were interesting. A lot of links provided emphasized the importance of having a social media strategy in order to have substantial business growth. All of the links together were the overriding thought of what the business is and who is the audience. Once these two are figured out, the business must try different creative techniques and angles in social media that will receive positive feedback. The Five Steps went into even more details by telling businesses to add a calendar to plan ahead!

I won’t disagree with any of these articles, because they are all right. And the readings were redundant because social media professionals know what needs to be asked and said. The thing is… I don’t really agree with it. What I mean by that is that all of these “tips” or “steps” should be automatically assumed by the person in marketing or social media. If I am running a social media, or even doing a marketing job, all of these steps are a given. If someone needs to look at these articles in order to know how to do everything, maybe social media isn’t for you. All of these thoughts, like what the brand is, who the audience is, what their voice for the company wants to be represented- should already be in the mindset when running social media. Having a strategy in your head should be second nature, not something one must take notes on.

I do however like the calendar. I feel that people who don’t have organization as their forte should read the 5 steps article on what they did to plan ahead. I think social media companies should plan ahead, so they can create the best content when the time comes.

The no strategy article was my favorite, because I feel like minimal strategy is the best in this field. The article says that media marketing is a barely-controlled chaos, and I completely agree. We have seen plenty of times social media ploys done by companies fail, and that is because we truly don’t know how society is going to react to something. We can have an overall assumption, but results are unpredictable. That is how social media must be addressed; one must have a set idea of what they want in their social media, and being prepared to constantly change and create new things every day. If you have a marketing mindset, it should be easy.

Of course, this is all my opinion. So I could be one-sided or wrong. It really all depends on how the outcome is by the consumer.


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