Stumbling Upon Something New

The other day, whilst avoiding on doing my homework, I found a 40 minute film on Youtube. This film ended up being a documentary, and I loved it!

Only The Essential is the story of a 5 month, 2,668 mile journey on foot from Mexico to Canada across the wilderness of California, Oregon, and Washington. Casey Gannon and Colin Arisman used their personal film knowledge to film their entire journey and share it in this documentary.

What’s really cool about this film is that it is incredibly real. They had no film crew following them, making it more believable that they spent the journey without help. The setup of the film was well done because they showed aspects that couldn’t have been fake.
I loved this film and how beautiful the scenery was. It really makes you appreciate the world we live in. One problem, though, is the fact that they did not show the scenes of the hardships they had. They mention that it was hard, but didn’t show that. I would have liked to show more negative to the trip. Also, the commentary seemed a little forced and scripted. Borderline cheesy! Overall, a great film to watch. Motivates one to see the world and travel.

Traveling documentaries never really crossed my mind before. It’s not like I didn’t know they existed, I just never thought of it. I really enjoy the concept, especially the lack of a whole team following them. I hope to find more travel documentaries, hopefully some that are possibly longer or done better in what ever reason.


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