SPJ Blog

This week, we were presented different blogs from different marketers. Each one depicted who they are and the content they provide.

Out of all of the blogs, The SPJ Blog is the most well done. I might be biased because I also received a scholarship from the Society of Professional Journalists to attend one of their conferences! It was amazingly organized and provided me useful information.

Anyway, the theme of the site is clean, and concise. I am not surprised; a journalist’s job is to be clear and concise, so that means their website would be as well! At the top, their directory has blogs based on location: regional and national. They also have their social media, such as Twitter, in the directory. Their home page has their stories based on time, and they are very recent (as I write this, three stories have been made today by three different bloggers). Then last, on the right, they include a blogroll and archive of all of their posts from 2008 to now.

The posts are all very well written and also professional. They follow all of the guidelines to being a journalist. This relates to me because I am a journalism major. After reading many articles, and writing them as well, I have learned to appreciate good writing.

I like the SPJ Blog because it’s a very clean looking website with excellent posts to go along with it.


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