Denny’s doesn’t hold back

For lack of a better word, Denny’s social media presence is … different. And I love it! Denny’s Diner on social media doesn’t hold back on the content they create. Their Instagram consists of beautiful photos of pancakes and breakfast, with a bright filter sprinkled on top of the photo. It’s quite an appealing profile to follow. Their Facebook is, on the other hand, is how every business is on Facebook. Not a whole lot of traction is on their Facebook, but they consistently share deals and photos of upcoming things going on at the restaurant. I especially enjoy their theme that they have; their profile picture matches the cover photo in a fall, pumpkin pie photo.

The best is their Twitter profile, which they consistently post on a daily basis. Their tweets are not what you’d expect; links to their other sites, posts of food or discounts. Instead, they post hilarious tweets that are related to breakfast. For example, they shared a tweet yesterday saying “putting a foot in your mouth? Bad. putting a foot in a pie? amazing.” One of their most popular tweets is from the “what are thooooose” trend/meme that circulated the internet in 2015. They had a boy wearing pancake shoes and a man asked the typical line.

Their Tumblr is similar to their Twitter as well. I found a GIF of a woman that looks like medusa but instead of snakes, there were sausage links. Like I mentioned in the title, Denny’s does not hold back.

It seems like Denny’s stays with current trends going on in social media, and does their own take on it. They also maintain a connection with the audience by making witty responses to those who mention them. Denny’s built a community that has given them a following and, for me, a customer!

“America’s Diner” is perfectly content to say whatever it likes on social media, even when it doesn’t really pertain to its food. The company’s social media posts are silly, fun and never sound as if there was any specific planning involved…which is likely what gets such a positive response from the younger audiences, making Denny’s a fan favorite for  my generation.


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